Herman and his 8 daughters - anyone better ??
Thursday, May 10, 2012 (12:09:09)

Posted by hans

This is Herman August (Amundsen) Arvesen, born March 8,1852 in Larvik Norway. This is just a magnificent picture I want to share with you all. The picture was send to me by Richard Hansen from Larvik - who is related to Elsa BjĂžnness who was married to Dr. Magne Ophuus Devold.

Behind left: Helma Randine b.1886, Jenny Hermineb.1880, Arvidia b.1884 and Ragnhild b.1882. Sitting in front: Astri b.1889, Louise Gunhilde b.1871, Anette Marie b.1877, then Herman August and finaly Randi b.1891.

Content received from: Devold - Viken.net, http://fam.devold-viken.net